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Sales Meeting Winter 2021/22

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Welcome to our second digital Sales Meeting. Please find below the Wokshopplan including all the links to the workshops and our side events.

We wish you a successfull Sales Meeting.

Wednesday 04. November 2020

Time CET Workshops Speaker Youtubelink
10:15-11:15 Opening Antje Jan Uwe Antje von Dewitz, Jan Lorch, Uwe Gottschalk  
11:15-12:05 Main Topics FW 21/22 Stefan Lörke, Ralf Geiger https://youtu.be/UiFVrXWRLYQ
13:00-13:50 Bike Travel & City Alisa Focke, Rafael Erath https://youtu.be/52gLeol95Vk
13:55-14:50 Bike Performance Alisa Focke https://youtu.be/9RCBJ6BvdV0
14:55-15:50 Bike All Mountain Alisa Focke, Katharina Mathis, Andrea Gusios https://youtu.be/34Urr7mpqQw
16:00-16:45 Marketing Marketing Department  
17:30-18:30 VAUDE got talent    


Thursday 05. November 2020

Time CET Workshops Speaker Youtubelink
09:00-09:55 Mountain Apparel Katharina Mathis https://youtu.be/BaEQUgZ4AdE
10:05-10:30 Footwear Oliver Korden https://youtu.be/hyZETxCYvAo
10:40-12:00 Trek & Hike Claudia Gutsche, Mato Novogradec https://youtu.be/Ri4tkR2Vf5c
12:10-12:45 Family Anja Wielath https://youtu.be/dAHnNJGWH1M
13:30-14:20 Urban Life Mato Novogradec https://youtu.be/fHKjgEauJuc
14:25-14:35 KIDD with  Rafael Rafael Erath  
14:40-15:20 Packs’n Bags Simone Morhart https://youtu.be/U-AMUGVVgfY
15:35-16:40 VAUDE Climate Strategy with scienced based targets Hilke Patzwall  
16:45-17:35 Detox 2020 Bettina Roth  
17:45-17:50 Closing Remarks Antje von Dewitz, Jan Lorch  
18:00-19:00 Cocktail Tasting    


Meet Up with Matthias our new CSM (Benelux, Eastern Europe & Asia Pacific) during your breakes.



The digital workshops and presentations are long and certainly intensive and different from what you knew before. 

To loosen up the atmosphere, here are some topics that should give you a bit of relaxation in between. You can click on them independently at any time. 

Let yourself be inspired! 

Virtual Coffebreak:

If you make yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea at homeplease share it with your colleagues😊 

Virtual Coffe Break


Game and Films:

Break Game: Video Game Team TREK VAUDE: (30 sec to 20 Min😊) 

Enter your name, play with the arrows on the keyboard and collect as many products as possible to reach the finish line safely. The little VAUDE-Gaming World😊. Please avoid the red “bar”.  


Password: vaude2020 



Activation left and right hemisphere of the brain and earsathlete video Kerstin Kögler (3 min)  

> Activation hemisphere 

Shoulder-neck mobilisationathlete video Kerstin Kögler (3 min 30 sec)  

> Mobilisation 

Mobilisation, athlet video with Ana Zirner
Passwort: Vaude

> Mobilisation Athlet Video




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A new feature is a scan function that allows you to scan a product’s EAN number on the sales floor and provides up-to-date, detailed information on the scanned product as well as background information on the VAUDE brand. The app is available in the App Store (iOS and Android).

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