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Highlights Summer 2024


VAUDE products REDESIGNED for circularity.

  • redesigned for circularity: all parts include recycled polyester; parts that include other materials can be removed
  • resource-saving and efficient material cuts
  • robust, easily repairable and durable products
45316_Women’s Elope Storm Jacket

Women’s Elope Storm Jacket

45315_Men’s Elope Storm Jacket

Men’s Elope Storm Jacket

45505_369 Kids Detective Pants

Kids Detective Pants

45581_514 Elope 18+4

Elope 18+4

45749_334 Sioux 800 II Syn

Sioux 800 II Syn


3 comfortable seat pads for a perfect ride thanks to uncompromising innovation.

  • three completely new seat pad designs for our bike pants and shorts
  • research study-based development in accordance with type of riding and gender to ensure ideal sitting comfort
  • pads are made with biobased and recycled materials
43265 Women‘s Furka Bike Innerpants TP

Women‘s Furka Bib Tights

43272 Men's Furka Bib Tights

Men’s Furka Bib Tights

43258 Women‘s Bike Innerpants TP

Women‘s Bike Innerpants TP


Reuse to reduce waste makes the world a better place

  • contribute to climate protection
  • CO2 reduction from the recycling of used products  
  • recycled materials help protect the planet
45732 Women's Scopi 2,5L LW Jacket

Women’s Scopi 2,5L LW Jacket

45739 Men's Scopi 2,5L LW Jacket

Men’s Scopi 2,5L LW Jacket

45725 Men's Mineo 2.5 Layer

Men’s Mineo 2.5 Layer

45901_317 Rupal Proof 28

Rupal Proof 28

45513_161 CityGo 23 II

CityGo 23 II

46347_161 Moab Pro Tech

Moab Pro Tech