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Highlights Autumn/Winter 2023/24

lavalan® Wool Insulation

Local value creation thanks to insulation made of organic virgin wool from the Lake Constance region.

  • responsible and animal-friendly, certified organic animal husbandry from our local Lake Constance region
  • ideal microclimate, temperature-regulating, and highly breathable
  • light insulation from natural raw materials, washable and odor-resistant
Women's Coreway 3in1 Parka

Women’s Coreway 3in1 Parka

Men's Coreway 3in1 Parka

Men’s Coreway 3in1 Parka

Men's Idris Wool Parka II

Men’s Idris Wool Parka II

Women's Skomer Wool Parka II

Women’s Skomer Wool Parka II

PET recycling

50% less CO2 emissions* thanks to materials made from recycled PET bottles.

  • Materials from recycled PET bottles contribute to climate protection
  • CO2 reduction from the recycling of used products
  • conserves valuable fossil resources and helps protect the planet
Men's Larice Light Jacket

Men’s Larice Light Jacket

Women's Kuro Insulation FZ Tricot

Women’s Kuro Insulation Halfzip Tricot

Men's Kuro Insulation FZ Tricot

Men’s Kuro Insulation Halfzip Tricot

Women's AllYear Moab Bib Pants

Women’s AllYear Moab Bib Pants

Men's AllYear Moab Bib Pants

Men’s AllYear Moab Bib Pants

Women's Core Winter STX

Women’s Core Winter STX

Kids Patiki Jacket

Kids Patiki Jacket

Cyclist Pack

Cyclist Pack

Coreway Backpack 23

Coreway Backpack 23

Women's Valsorda 3in1 Jacken

Women’s Valsorda 3in1 Jacket

Men's Valsorda 3in1 Jacken

Men’s Valsorda 3in1 Jacket

Waste tire recycling with mass balance principle

60% less CO2 emissions** thanks to materials made from recycled tires.

  • robust, durable polyamide with excellent freedom of movement
  • polyamide made using an innovative mass balance procedure
  • 60 % CO2 savings compared to conventional plastic**, protects the climate
Women's Comyou Rain Jacket

Women’s Comyou Rain Jacket

Men's Comyou Rain Jacket

Men’s Comyou Rain Jacket

Women's Skomer Wool Parka II

Women’s Skomer Wool Parka II

Men's Idris Wool Parka II

Men’s Idris Wool Parka II

* Umweltbundesamt Berlin compared to conventional plastic production.

** Chemcycling, Environmental Evaluation by Life Cycle Assessment, BASF, November 2020 GaBi version 9.2 (2020), Sphera AG, Polyamide 6 Granulate